S.E.T. 5 Challenge

The Ultimate Strength and Conditioning Test!




















Prizes Include: Trophies, Medals, Gift Certificates, Prize Pack, T-Shirt


The S.E.T. 5 Challenge is a rep and time-based competition utilizing core fundamental strength and conditioning exercises consisting of:


        • Bench Press


        • Deadlifts


        • Pull Ups


        • Ez Curl


        • 40yd Farmers Walk



The S.E.T. 5 Challenge uses champion powerlifter and author of All About Powerlifting, Tim Henriques’ Valeria Challenge as a baseline.


In this challenge, you perform 21 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise then finish with a 40yard farmers walk.


All exercises are done in succession in this order Bench Press > Deadlift > Pull-Ups > Strict Curls > Farmers Walk.


You can stop to rest but the goal is to do the total workout in as short a time as possible. The winner is whomever completes all of the exercises in the shortest amount of time.


The weight classes are scaled for men and women below. Example, bench press for a woman weighing 140lbs would be .5 her bodyweight which equals 70lbs



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S.E.T. 5 - Open Level

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